LRP 4200 - P5-HV Real Shorty LCG GRAPHENE - 120C/60C - 7.6V

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The Competition Car Line battery from last year was successful around the world in many competition classes. At the same time, they have gained high level of acceptance and appreciation amongst the scene’s best drivers – LRP batteries were the most used brand and at the EFRA 1:8 eBuggy EC two thirds of the A-finalists did use the blue energy.

The latest generation battery technology gets a new boost. The HV-LiPo Graphene cells offer even more power than before. They can be charged up to 8.7V without problem.

The again improved cell chemistry generates an extremely low internal resistance and therefore less hear buildup under load. The so called HDS-7 cell chemistry guarantees maximum performance over the complete race time.

The P5-HV technology with 5mm gold connectors and 7.6 (2S) technology underline the extremely high technical sophistication … just as the Ultra LCG type for a perfect center of gravity and even higher corner speeds.

P5-HV Real Shorty LCG GRAPHENE 4200mAh means:

= Maximum power in the LCG shorty format

= Less height and weight than regular shorty



·         NEW P5-HV Technology - New 5mm gold plated battery plugs and 7.6V (2S) technology for maximum power

·         HV-LiPo GRAPHENE cells - New, high power LiPo cells that can be charged up to 8.70V (2S)! Maximum Power!

·         100% compatible for 8.40V (2S) charging - More Power than our 2016 batteries at 8.40V charging!

·         Improved Lifetime - Highly improved lifetme when charged to 8.40V (2S) only!

·         IFMAR World Champion Batteries

·         LCG - Low Center of Gravity: Lower CG and lighter cells result in higher cornering speed and faster reactions on steering inputs

·         NEW HDS-7 Chemistry - Improved chemistry for low internal resistance + less heat build-up under load = Maximum power until the end of your run

·         FREE 5mm Gold Works Team connectors included

·         3C Charge current: Safe and fast recharge

·         Charge with your standard LiPo charger. No special charger required.

·         Complying with the rules of the following federations and race series: EFRA, IFMAR, ROAR, JMRCA, BRCA, DMC

·         120C/60C LiPo Power. No memory effect, extremely long lifetime.

·         Durable, see-through, hardcase made of high-quality synthetic material

·         2mm gold coated balancing connector

·         LRP quality approved





Nominal voltage


Dimensions (LxWxH)







Real Shorty LCG

Power connector

P5 5mm Gold

Balancing connector

2mm Gold

Charge current



1:10 Offroad 2WD/4WD Modified